Find Your Mojo!

In our culture menopause is treated like a disease.  Something to be ashamed of and hidden even at the cost of our health!  We don’t understand why we suddenly feel discontent and unhappy.  We find ourselves constantly searching for answers but none are to be found.

Mama Found Her Mojo: Midlife Women Discovering is a unique suite of programs bought to you by Change the Script Coaching and Consulting especially designed to help women who are experiencing all the changes that perimenopause and menopause bring  to our lives but may not understand what is happening.  Specifically, these programs help midlife women remember their power and learn to LOVE this incredibly powerful phase of their lives.

Together we take a journey that allows us to discover our own uniqueness and how to fulfill the desires that tend to surface at midlife.  We learn to love ourselves and our bodies and release the life traumas that bubble up and beg for resolution.  We create new lives that are built on our true desires and wishes.

We are a community of midlife women who learn from and support each other in a safe, open environment.  We understand each other and in this understanding create a loving space not found anywhere else.

We offer a range of services including one-on-one coaching, webinars, a membership program and retreats to enlighten midlife women and empower them to experience the joy of this major transition.

        Are you finding yourself emotionally at your limits?

                Do you think of things you’ve always wanted to do but never had time?

                        Are you remembering childhood pain?

We can help you!  These are all very common events during midlife.  Do not continue to suffer through what you imagine to be a hard life transition, contact us to find out how you can find the joy in every single minute of your midlife journey.

Mama Found

Her Mojo!