"I hired Candi Freed to be my coach in 2015. I was in a great job, on paper, but while things looked alright they were not.  The position and many things about where I had found myself in my career were not in alignment with my needs professionally or personally.  This was causing me a fair amount of dissatisfaction and depression and I knew I needed to make a very big change, a left turn so to speak, in my life. I wanted to “downshift” and instead of advance my career, actually reduce the focus of working all the time in my life and instead find and develop more time for my kids, my husband and my overall health. I still wanted to work and have a meaningful career in my field but I just could no longer have my work be so out of balance with all the other areas of my life.

Candi was the perfect coach to help me on this journey. She has solid background in HR, in psychology, and in counseling methods through her work with Martha Beck. I knew I could trust her and she would meet both my pragmatic needs and my spiritual ones… She did just that. Through our sessions she gave me concepts, practices, and homework, all of which changed me over time. She also helped me along what was a very long journey of setbacks, hopeful moments and the arid space of waiting…

After working with her, I did find exactly the right role, in the right company and with the right balance that aligned me with the values she helped me to clarify over our time together. I highly recommend Candi and her practice at Change the Script as a way to help anyone move through the challenging transitions in life that we all need and want to make."

                                                                                                                                                                 ~  V Haaland, San Diego, CA

Life Coaching

Individual sessions are available by phone.  If you live in the San Diego area 

limited face-to-face sessions are available.  All sessions are highly effective in helping to

get you "unstuck" and moving toward your best life! 

  • We offer free 30-minute phone sessions for first time clients to give you the opportunity to get a taste of life coaching.
  • Packages are available for discount rates.

Group Workshops and Programs

Periodic workshops are offered to help individuals work through common road blocks that keep us from living fully.  Check the website regularly for upcoming events.

  • Rates are based on the content and duration of the workshop.

Business Coaching

Extensive experience in the fields of Learning and Development, Human Resources and Training provide a unique ability to work with individuals and organizations to work through leadership development and change management issues.  Coaching tools facilitate

the process to get to the heart of the matter and create forward momentum.

  • Rates are based on the nature of the engagement.

Business Consulting and Workshop Facilitation

A true desire to create a business culture of growth, learning and social responsibility combined with an authentic facilitation style provides organizations with a meaningful change experience.  Organizations can be assured that their experience will include sound concepts of adult learning theory and measurement principles.

  • Rates are either per project or per hour depending on the nature of the engagement.


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